About Dave's Custom Pens Saskatoon

How did I become interested in pen making? I decided to take a workshop in 2006 on how to make a pen - and that's where the fascination of pen making began. I bought a small lathe, picked up some used power tools from a retired local craftsman and the rest is history as I was on my way creating. Due to my desire to learn different resin casting/turning techniques, my wife and I have incorporated summer holiday travels to attend workshops in Texas and Indiana. Most recently, I attended an advanced pen making workshop at Marc Adams School of Woodworking, the summer of 2022 in Indiana. I had so much fun I'm attending another workshop there summer of 2023. Always learning!

My hobby has taken my wife and I all over the place. We've attended many craft shows as exibitors, but our favourite show by far is the Sundog Craft Faire here in Saskatoon. We've met many wonderful people on this journey. I think the one thing that seems to be a common denominator at all the craft shows is when a person picks up one of my pens and looks closely admiring it they say 'this is so beautiful' or 'I love the weight and feel of this one'. One time at a craft show a lady passed our booth, spotted one of my pine cone pens and kept walking with her husband and kids. A few short minutes later she was back at our booth (out of breath) and by herself, she announced 'I want THAT pen!!". People are funny. So as I wrap up this story, pen making brings me (and my wife) joy. We've been fortunate to meet many amazing artisans, customers, new friends and travelled through parts of small town North America that we would not normally ever see or experience. Who knows where this adventure will take us next.....to be continued